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 Posted: Sat Dec 7th, 2019 12:32 am
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srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: srossi wrote:
I took my wife to a Kenny Chesney stadium show with 3 fairly big names (if you're into country) as openers and it was the same deal. 
You got one of those wives too eh? My little 'ol Texas gal has made me take her to more country shows than I care to admit. I mean it's not bad. Especially after pre-gaming with Fireball in the parking lot. But I look at myself and say "oh how the mighty have fallen"

Only Chesney and Garth for me. I preferred Chesney. It’s basically a rock concert. Not the kind of rock I prefer, but rock. I didn’t hear much country. This year Chesney plays Metlife the night before Crue/Leppard play Citi Field. I bet a lot of fans will actually be at both. My wife will be, but fortunately she’s seeing Chesney with friends this time.
Yep. That's the one saving grace is that the "country" music of the teens are the hard rock of the 70's and 80's as far as the live experience is concerned. Guys like Zac Brown cover Sabbath during their shows. When we saw Brad Paisley, his guitar heroics were as good as any hair metal stooge.

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