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 Posted: Sat Dec 7th, 2019 05:42 pm
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ACH, who recently departed WWE, lashed out online at wrestling fans and claimed he is quitting pro wrestling and canceling all of his current bookings.

On Twitter, he wrote, "I hate pro wrestling. I hate you sh***y fans that think you know it all! More importantly I hate the snakes in this industry. None of y’all would never say anything about me to me. All of y’all can go screw yourselves. I’m canceling my shows AND I’m quitting pro wrestling. Chasing my dream was great, but you self entitled pricks ruin EVERYTHING. I’m out." ( has censored ACH's expletives)

ACH, while under contract to WWE, lashed out at WWE and Ring of Honor. He recently returned to MLW.

Whether he actually quits pro wrestling or if this is just an episode that will blow over, remains to be seen.

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