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 Posted: Sat Dec 7th, 2019 06:07 pm
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srossi wrote: bpickering wrote: As noted earlier today, ACH has stated on social media that he has quit professional wrestling. He had just returned to Major League Wrestling this past Thursday and was scheduled for all events going forward. reached out to MLW for comment, with the promotion responding with the following statement:

"We respect ACH's decision and want him to be happy."

They must’ve spent 5 hours on that one sentence statement to make sure nothing in it could be labeled racist. ACH will find something anyway. It IS racist. It's implying that the black man can only be happy and fulfilled if Massa lets him. It's like whitey holds all the marionette strings and is making the black man dance to whatever tune whitey wants. Notice how none of the McMahon children are black? Do you think that's an oversight? Hell no. Stephanie could have just as easily married Darren Young or Orlando Jordan. But NO. Anything to keep a brother down.
edit: I hope the FBI doesn't confiscate my computer for a while. For that Orlando Jordan and Darren Young joke I had to do a search for 'gay black wrestlers' because I had forgotten their names. You wouldn't BELIEVE the things that came up.

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