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 Posted: Sat Dec 7th, 2019 07:59 pm
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According to Meltzer, many other talents are coming forward and saying they don’t want to leave NXT. This despite the fact that NXT main eventers get paid 1/4 as much as the lowest level main rosters guys. Of course, they also work a schedule that is more than 1/4 lighter than those in WWE. Between the lighter schedule and the better booking, they’re willing to sacrifice the money. Meltzer says this is going to start to cause problems in shaking up the rosters in the future, and no doubt some will refuse the assignment, leading to even more talents sitting out in limbo as they wait for releases.  

There’s also some grumbling that Finn Balor is still under his main roster contract and is by far the highest paid wrestler in NXT while now wrestling that lighter schedule.  The pay scale situation has to be addressed if NXT is to be considered on par with Raw and Smackdown. Most NXT talents understand that it’s reasonable for them to be paid less, but when a situation like Balor happens, and with NXT just dominating a major WWE PPV, it really throws things out of wack and causes guys to wonder about their pay. 

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