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 Posted: Mon Dec 9th, 2019 02:46 pm
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BItterOldMan wrote: Not saying it's an original idea or thought but yes, there are more people who claim to be pro wrestlers and that includes guys who put on shows in their yards. As far as those who are making their living from the sport, there's no way you have more.

If you're not clearing $1000.00 a week then I don't think you qualify to call yourself a full-time pro wrestler (and by clear I mean after deducting all out of pocket expenses).

Am I setting the bar too high?

Not setting the bar too high at all.  I helped out with a few of the regional indy promotions in my area.  Website writing, securing talent, etc.   We'd pay Bret Hart 6K and Ric Flair once 10K just to sign autographs.  Meanwhile the local talent was lucky to get $100 for a match.  Most just seemed happy to be on a show.  I guess you are still a wrestler, but not full time.  All the guys had full time real world jobs.

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