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 Posted: Tue Dec 10th, 2019 06:32 am
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Kriss wrote: Heenan Fan has clearly digested the Wikipedia page on the nWo.

A couple of pedantic points, though. nWo Sting is difficult to pinpoint. When he debuted, we were supposed to believe that he WAS Sting. In fact, I don't think the nWo ever acknowledged that their Sting was a fake. I don't think he ever officially joined the nWo (in the US, in Japan he did). He was more like a prop. Looking through the few "matches" he had in WCW, they always pretended that he was (or might be) the real Sting. Prompting Tony to say many times "That's not the real Sting."

Louie Spiccoli was Scott Hall's valet, and I believe that he was refereed to as a "prospect" but I don't think he ever got officially join before he died.
I can't disagree with any of this.

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