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 Posted: Tue Dec 10th, 2019 02:00 pm
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Kriss wrote: srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: It was a shame that the baby Jeebus told Ted DiBiase that he couldn't be a heel wrestling manager if he wanted to get into heaven. He was great in that role, and him bankrolling the nWo made perfect sense. He was completely pointless as the Steiners' face manager. If they had used Ted better, they could have held off on Eric becoming the leader of the nWo, or even better, not done that at all.
I never heard that DiBiase left the NWO because of Jesus.  I think good old-fashioned bad booking is likely the culprit.  DiBiase has played heel in the years since.  In fact, he even went on the road with his Christian ministry and put on shows where he was the heel and then would repent in the end.  I've never heard that he became so crazy that he couldn't separate fantasy from reality.

Hmmmm. I'm sure I read somewhere that he wasn't happy being a heel on TV every week, but I must be thinking of someone else... Here's a quote about why he left the nWo:

"Basically, I think they tagged me as Billionaire Ted. I was supposed to be the mouthpiece and financial backer of the nWo but what really happened as this thing got hotter, Eric Bischoff saw where he could slip himself into the role that he hired me for. And that's what he did. So, a couple weeks go by and I'm not having anything to say anymore, I'm just walking out there, standing in the corner with the rest of the gang. And I just went to Eric and I said look, I said I didn't spend my career so I could end it being Hulk Hogan's belt wearer. I'm not Virgil. I said if you want to have my job, great. You hired me, so do it, I said. Bottom line is, you still have to pay me. So he agreed. I went home and they brought me back as a babyface manager to the Steiner brothers, which really didn't make a whole lot of sense either."

They could have used him a lot more in the nWo than they did.

Yup, bad creative and Bischoff's ego.  In fairness though, DiBiase was a shell of his former self at this point and Bischoff did a better job in the role.  DiBiase was going through the motions for a payday even at the end with WWE as a manager/announcer, so with WCW he just didn't care at all.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.