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 Posted: Thu Dec 19th, 2019 01:22 pm
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srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: srossi wrote: I respect Tulsi Gabbard more and more every day, even though I don’t agree with any of her domestic policies.

"After doing my due diligence in reviewing the 658-page impeachment report, I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote either yes or no," she said in a lengthy statement issued immediately after her vote was cast.

 "I could not in good conscience vote against impeachment because I believe President Trump is guilty of wrongdoing," she added.

 "I also could not in good conscience vote for impeachment because removal of a sitting president must not be the culmination of a partisan process, fueled by tribal animosities that have so gravely divided our country."

Agent Gabbard is well programmed.

OK Hillary.

I’m no Tulsi expert but I’ve seen most of her stuff on Rogan and read bits and pieces and while I don’t agree with her often she at least doesn’t sound insane or like a hardcore panderer. 

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