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 Posted: Thu Dec 19th, 2019 10:32 pm
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silentkiller wrote: Kubrick wrote: Backlund and Patera went to a draw at MSG 1/21. The return on 2/18 featured Patterson as guest referee as Backlund beat Patera by COR.

3/24 MSG saw Backlund b. Sika and Andre & Patterson b. Patera & Duncum.

Patera won the I-C belt on 4/21 and the Texas Death Match was 5/19.

I also found it odd that they waited three months to do the blowoff at MSG. I suppose they wanted to give Patera a big win heading into the TDM, hence the I-C title change.

It wasnt that odd considering March and April featured Bruno vs Larry as the main event.
And this is the correct answer. Bruno vs. Larry all by itself would have sold out MSG for at least two months building up to the outdoor show. This is why Elder was able to get away with weak Backlund title defenses against the individual Samoans. Plus the added luxury of having elite workers in Patera and Patterson made early 1980 a very interesting time.

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