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 Posted: Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 05:25 pm
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Big Garea Fan wrote: As a former MCI WorldCom employee, f@#k you Bernie Ebbers!

The above article highlights everything that is wrong with the criminal justice system today. White collar criminals steal millions of dollars and rarely get jail time. When they do get incarcerated, their lawyers file appeal after appeal to get the jail time reduced. These bastards steal the life savings of hard-working people, serve their time in Club Fed, and get out serving a fraction of their sentence.

On the rare occasions when a "long sentence" is handed down by a judge, lawyers compare it against other shorter sentences that have been handed down to other criminals and lobby that their client should have his "long sentence" reduced.

What is really sad is how he fleeced the MCI WorldCom employees. Many of them had a lot of their retirement savings wrapped up in WorldCom stock. You would think that having stock in your own employer would be a smart investment move since you should be able to gauge how well the company is doing (you hear about the big deals, you see the newly hired employees for the big upcoming projects, the corporate homepage on your work computer trumpets the latest news...).

Nope! Instead, you go home from work on a Friday afternoon, turn on the TV and see the "WorldCom scandal" news on every channel...

F@#k you Bernine Ebbers!
While I am certainly sorry you lost a lot of your hard earned money, the guy did his time. There is zero chance of recidivism and as much as we may hate to see it, it DOES matter what comparable sentences for crimes like this are.

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