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Updated results.....

Monday - March 25 1985 - Steubenville OH - St.Johns Arena
Manny Fernandez pinned Ivan Koloff at 18:09
Jimmy Valiant pinned The Barbarian at 8:54
Pez Whatley and Denny Brown beat The Rock N Roll RPM's at 18:05
Sam Houston pinned Johnny Tatum at 14:47
Mike Davis pinned Jimmy Jackson at 9:59

 Saturday - June 8 1985 - Zanesville OH - 
Thunderbolt Patterson pinned Ole Anderson at 12 min
National Champ Black Bart beat Brett Sawyer by DQ at 17 min
Dick Slater pinned The Eliminator at 9 min
Buzz Sawyer pinned Joel Deaton at 15:30
Pez Whatley and The Italian Stallion beat The Rock N Roll RPM's at 16:30
Yukon Eric pinned Zoltan at 5 min

Sunday - June 9 1985 - Wheeling WV - Civic Center
Dick Slater beat NWA World Champ Ric Flair by DQ at 20:37
Thunderbolt Patterson beat Ole Anderson by DQ at 10:03
National Champ Black Bart pinned Brett Sawyer at 18:43
Buzz Sawyer and Pez Whatley beat The Rock N Roll RPM's at 19:17
The Italian Stallion pinned Joel Deaton at 16:12
The Eliminator pinned Yukon Eric at 5:32

Wednesday - June 26 1985 - Steubenville OH
Dick Slater and Buzz Sawyer beat National Tag Champs Ole and Arn Anderson in a Non Title Match at 16:48
National Champ Black Bart pinned Brett Sawyer at 16:21
Kevin Sullivan pinned Pez Whatley at 8:18
Thunderbolt Patterson pinned Bob Roop at 7:56
The Rock N Roll RPM's fought The Italian Stallion and Joe Lightfoot to a 20 min draw

Saturday - November 16 1985 - Cleveland OH - Convention Center
Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, Billy Jack Haynes beat Ric Flair, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson at 17 min
US Champ Tully Blanchard pinned Ronnie Garvin in a No DQ, Taped Fist Match at 22 min
Manny Fernandez fought Abdullah The Butcher to a Double Countout at 10 min
Buddy Landell fought Ron Bass to a 20 min draw
Sam Houston pinned Mike Davis at 17 min
Pez Whatley pinned Tommy Lane at 12 min

 Thursday - November 21 1985 - Wheeling WV - Civic Center
Ivan Koloff and Krusher Khruschev beat The Rock N Roll Express in a Russian Chain Match at 9:30
National Champ Terry Taylor pinned US Champ Tully Blanchard in a Non Title Match at 10:13
Nikita Koloff fought Manny Fernandez to a Double DQ
Buddy Landell pinned Sam Houston at 13:38
Don Kernodle pinned Tommy Lane at 15 min
Mike Davis fought Pat Tanaka to a 15 min draw

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