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 Posted: Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 02:18 am
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krazykid18 wrote:I was at RAW last night in Long Island and most of the wrestlers don't look like stars or must see and that has to change with the exception of the fiend  none of the other post 2010 WWE superstars come across as wow in person like Hulk Hogan didI’m a little late to the party.  But what you say is 100% true but also 100% not the talents’ fault.  I’m not talking about the guys that have obviously given up and just go through the motions, I’m talking about the talent that wants to succeed.  Zack Ryder on his best day won’t ever be Shawn Michaels.  But if given the proper push, he could’ve been John Cena.  And I say that because when WWE broke up the Edgeheads, he didn’t accept what they gave him and he busted his ass and got himself over with the spite of WWE.   And that’s why WWE sucks today - because a guy like Zack Ryder, who people liked and hypothetically would have wanted to pay money to see, was never pushed as a serious guy.  People buy tickets to watch wrestling, but more because they want to see their favorite guy win and their most hated guy lose.  And as you know, the hated guy doesn’t need to lose, because when done right, it will bring the exact same fan out to the next show to see him get his ass kicked.  But right around the time of guys like Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, and The Rock getting so incredibly over that they could pretty much take their ball and go home (JR’s Line), WWE decided that WWE should be the draw and not the talent.  What we have now is something that is almost a generation in the making...fifteen years of bullshit booking that gets nobody over.  And in 2008 when they banned blood, the absolute last cheap crutch the talent had to use was taken from them.  Circa 2005-2006 Ric Flair bled more on WWE TV than in his entire NWA career and the people ate it up.  And that era Flair had the body of a 72 year old (and may have even been on the gas according to stories).  So you mention Hulk Hogan and the WOW factor.  WWE won’t let that happen again.  And AEW doesn’t have any talent that can do it either.  As good as The Elite, Mox, and Jericho are...and Jericho is a first ballot HOFer...nobody on the entire roster looks any different than the guy at the deli that made my sandwich today.

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