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 Posted: Wed Jan 8th, 2020 01:18 pm
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Quattro wrote: This weeks episode was solid.

They are getting more clarity with who is a face and a heel and the storylines seem to be a little more straightforward and not as jumbled.

And the cheesy comedic parts were kept to a minimum. Yeah they are using old timers but they are doing it rather effectively with the RnR.

If this show stays on this sort of path, it will be on to something.

That women’s match was stiff too. Really solid work.

The other wrestling continued to be much more classic wrestling vs. modern flippy floppy spot fests.

And they used interviews to build angles. Tim Storm, Aldis, Drake, they have some good talkers. Big thumbs up this week.

Agreed.  Thought this was a very solid episode.  I like the way Ricky Morton is being used now too.  The Aldis-Starks 6-minute draw was very well done and helped slowly build a young star in a realistic way, very reminiscent of an old NWA angle.  Tim Storm is really a great white meat babyface promo and doesn't get the credit for it, but he could teach WWE writers how to do it right.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.