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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2020 08:10 pm
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Franchise wrote: Kriss wrote: Pretty much most of mainland Europe. Spain, Italy and Greece all had some wrestling scene, while Austria was always connected to the German scene, and there was also wrestling in Belgium and the Netherlands. The German scene also extended into Hungary, Romanian and Russia. The German scene was the month-long tournament set-up.

Of course, the UK scene also spilled over into Ireland.

Indiana and Pakistan also had pro wrestling, as did South Africa and probably Nigeria.

South Korea as well.

In the Caribbean, the Puerto Rico/Florida scene extended into Cuba, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad & Tobago.

Does anyone have the last Cuba result with Americans on it and is there any type of scene in Cuba or has there been since the embargo? 

Sometime in 1958 Mildred Burke beat Lily Mae Provo and Carole Kaye & Kathleen Wimbley beat Mary Hillis & Phyllis Hoffman. Whether this was the last card or not I can't say but it would be close to the end.

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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