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 Posted: Wed Jan 15th, 2020 09:47 am
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1/21/1930 Anderson IN
Coach Wilbur Thom beat Don Cortez
Leslie Beers beat Nick Apollo

2/10/1930 Indianapolis IN
Johnny Carlin vs Don Cortez
Jim Bell vs Henry Stoeff

2/13/1930 Milwaukee WI
Dr Stanley Lurik draw Pietro Bacini
Lou Talaber beat Joe Malcewicz

2/17/1930 Indianapolis IN
Johnny Carlin draw Don Cortez
Leslie Red Beers beat George Bujokos
Merle Dolby draw Speedy O’Neil

3/10/1930 Indianapolis IN
Merle Dolby beat Johnny Carlin
Leslie Red Beers draw Cowboy Jones
Speedy O’Neil draw Bob Printy

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