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 Posted: Fri Jan 17th, 2020 09:34 am
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More additions

1/2/1930 San Angelo TX
Billy Hallas beat Red Lindsey

1/23/1930 Louisville KY
Soldier Mack vs Billy Scharbert
Pete Buzukos vs Martin Young

2/4/1930 Tacoma WA
Tom Alley vs Bob Kruse

2/17/1930 Huntington WV
Billy Hallas beat Basanta Singh
Frank Wolff draw Railroad Routt

3/3/1930 Waxahachie TX
Thad Bookout beat Charlie Patrick
Curley Stringer vs Jack Powell
Everett Carter vs Will Murdoch

3/5/1930 Portland OR
Bob Kruse beat Charlie Strack

3/6/1930 Knoxville KY
Buck Lawson beat Martin Zbyszko

3/10/1930 Coshocton OH
Billy Hallas beat Basanta Singh
Alex Laird beat Red Norris

3/10/1930 Waxahachie TX
Charles Patrick beat Curley Stringer

3/13/1930 Vancouver BC
Pat McGill beat Bob Kruse
Jack Forsgren beat Tiger Smith
Andy Brown draw Ted Thye

3/17/1930 Waxahachie TX
Charles Patrick vs The Amarillo Kid

3/18/1930 Tacoma WA
Bob Kruse beat Charlie Strack
Pat McGill draw John Freberg

3/24/1930 Medford OR
Bob Kruse beat Leo Papiano
Harry Demetral vs Harry Olson

3/25/1930 Tacoma WA
Bob Kruse beat Pat McGill
Jack McLaughlin draw Tom Ray

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