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 Posted: Sun Jan 19th, 2020 06:36 am
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I'm calling kayfave on the "Opera House Cup." I can find no record of any such tournaments. Supposedly this was given to winners of tournaments held over a number of days in different cities in North America. These European style tournaments were extremely rare in the US or Canada, and none that I know of were given any name similar to "Opera Cup." Also, wrestling was not in any way organized in the 1920s, even into territories, let alone a system to allow the same trophy to be awarded to winners of tournaments in different cities over a number of years. Also, for such a prestigious tournament, I know of no instances of a wrestler being billed as a champion or former champion of one of these tournaments. If this tournament existed, it's very unlikely that I would never have heard a mention of it. I've tried various searches in different newspaper archives and have come up with nothing.

I'd love to be proved wrong, but the historical record, and the story of the cup, provide zero evidence that this story is anything more than a fiction.

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