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 Posted: Mon Jan 20th, 2020 02:03 am
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As the title of this topic suggests, I'm attempting to make a list of which countries have known professional wrestling footage from before the year 1970. I'll be using this post to list every country I come across where footage is known to exist so it's easier for those interested to locate them. Anytime anything new is added I'll also leave a reply for the same reason. Below is a list of the countries that I know for sure have some existing footage, next to each one, as a reference guide, I've written in bold the kind of footage that is currently available: 

- Argentina (newsreel clips / silent film-reel clips).
- Australia (film-reel clips / newsreel clips / silent film-reel clips / television).
- Austria (newsreel clips / silent film-reel clips).
- Canada.
- Czechoslovakia.
- Finland.
- France.
- Germany.
- Greece.
- Ireland.
- Italy.
- Japan.
- Mexico.
- New Zealand.
- Rhodesia.
- Russia.
- South Africa.
- Spain.
- Sweden.
- Switzerland.
- United Kingdom.
- United States.

If anyone knows of any countries or any available footage I'm missing from the list then please let me know!

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