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 Posted: Tue Jan 21st, 2020 03:05 am
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Here's a clipping for one of the last IW shows promoted. I found this one in Wrestling Wire, No. 7 Vol. 4  Carlton Atkins was kind enough to provide the following results and attendance for the card.

87/06/24  Scarborough, ON "Night of Horror"
Att: 1,500
Abdullah the Butcher W Gino Brito - Cage match
Steve Strong W/DQ Jason The Terrible  
Richard Charland & Chuck Simms (International tag)w Hawaiian Punch & Great Mendoza
Gino Brito Jr. (International TV) W Rocky Dellaserra
Dan Kroffat W/DQ Kendo Nagasaki
New Guinea Headhunters W Len Shelley & Louis Laurence
Tony Gatello W/DQ Bob Dellaserra

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