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Added April-July 1954 from Kriss 

4/12/1954 Ogden UT     
Wilbur Snyder beat Walter Kameroff
Logger Larsen beat Bill Cole
Dave Reynolds draw Treach Phillips 

4/13/1954 Provo UT
Wilbur Snyder beat Logger Larsen
Treach Phillips beat Earl Malone
Walter Kameroff beat Benito Gardini DQ

4/26/1954 Los Angeles CA
Wilbur Snyder beat Brother Frank Jares
Tom Renesto beat Ray Stevens
Dave Levin beat Gori Guerrero
Gino Garibaldi beat Brother Frank Jares

5/1/1954 Los Angeles CA
Joe Pazandak & Brother Frank Jares beat Wilbur Snyder & Billy Varga
Pepi Pasquale beat Ray Stevens
Danny Savich beat Gory Guerrero
Gino Garibaldi beat Bud Curtis

5/21/1954 Las Vegas NV
Wilbur Snyder beat Jack McDonald
Danny Savich beat Mario DeSouza
Mildred Burke beat Bonnie Watson

5/22/1954 Los Angeles CA
Wilbur Snyder & Bobo Brazil beat Joe Pazandak & Sockeye Jack McDonald DQ
Sandor Szabo beat Brother Frank Jares
Bill Cody beat Tom Renesto
Billy Varga draw Vic Christy 

5/27/1954 Salt Lake City UT
Wilbur Snyder beat Frank Jares
Gypsy Joe Dorsetti draw Sugy Hayamaka
Chet Wallick beat Frank Faketty
Treach Phillips beat Mel Peters

5/29/1954 Los Angeles CA
Wilbur Snyder beat Karl Davis
Bobo Brazil beat Joe Pazandak
Bill Cody draw Bob Bristol
Billy Varga draw Pepi Pasquale

7/29/1954 Los Angeles CA
Wilbur Snyder & Sandor Szabo beat Lord James Blears & Lord Athol Layton
Dr Lee Grable draw Jack McDonald
Vic Christy beat Mickey Gold
Larry Moquin beat Brother Frank Jares

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