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 Posted: Mon Jan 27th, 2020 08:32 am
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3/5/1930 Portsmouth OH
Leslie Fishbaugh beat Jack Domar
Billy Hallas beat Roy Hughes
Alex Laird draw Runt Reilly

3/7/1930 Minneapolis MN
Professor Takahashi draw Bobby Bylund
Gust Johnson draw Speed Lawrence
Young Sampson beat Lew Stoner

3/11/1930 Des Moines IA
Bobby Bylund beat Fred Brondell

3/20/1930 South Bend IN
George Gustovitch beat Jack Starr
George Kogut draw Charley Peterson
Bernie Witucki beat Walter Knappe

3/21/1930 Marion OH
Tetsura Higami beat Les Fishbaugh
Ray Carpenter beat Bobby Chick
Hugh Bell beat Young Greenwood

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