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 Posted: Thu Feb 13th, 2020 05:15 pm
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I always think it's ironic and funny that people were scared of Ozzy Osbourne (and Sabbath). The guy that routinely shouts: "God bless you! I love you all!" at his concerts.

Also, "After Forever" is a "white metal" Christian anthem. I routinely quote the lyrics to my in-laws and ask them where they came from. They usually answer some country artist or Charlie Brown & the Peanuts gang. Nope... the supposedly "Satanic" band from their prime period.

I think the only time they really pushed the "Satanic" stuff was on the cover for "Born Again", with a devil-baby.

There's always somebody who points out bands like Blue Cheer or even some Hendrix tracks (as the Rolling Stone article does) were "heavy metal". No offense to that, because their tunes kick tushy-- but I think there's no harm in marking "Black Sabbath" as the birth of heavy metal. And best use of Drop D tuning.

Growing up, I was into all the 80's "classic" metal bands, like Maiden, Priest, and Ozzy as a solo act. Sounds like blasphemy, but I didn't really get the love for Black Sabbath until the late 90's. As a young teen in the mid-80's you want stuff that's NEW and FRESH... not these old guys who used to play with Ozzy and Dio. I think I ended up with a slew of early Sabbath tunes in the Napster days and was surprised how much they still destroyed.