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 Posted: Fri Feb 14th, 2020 01:16 am
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WongLee wrote: Two words for you...Blue Fucking Cheer. Their sound was heavy just for the sake of being heavy. Hendrix's heavyness was part of his limitless appetite for experimentation. So he could be riffing along on a Marshall plex, have a Big Muff turned all the way up, and then play Wind Cries Mary. Sabbath wrote better riff based songs than Blue Cheer did. But Blue Cheer invented the genre.
I’ve heard plenty of Blue Cheer and sorry, that wasn’t the birth of true heavy metal. It was part of the evolution sure, but it was a heavy, grating, distorted psychedelic rock, maybe The Grateful Dead meets Hendrix or Cream (in fact Cream itself could be in this conversation since they were so similar to Cheer but better and more successful and I think they broke the same year). Just because a band was heavy doesn’t mean it was really the start of heavy metal. And their biggest hit is a cover of a rockabilly song called “Summertime Blues”. None of that gives you the attitude and themes of Sabbath that really launched metal. 

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