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 Posted: Fri Feb 14th, 2020 09:14 pm
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Sabbath set what became the blueprint for the traditional metal band. Sound, lyrics, logo, even the packaging.

I mean, there's a tune from the 1966 movie "Wild Angels" from Davie Allan and the Arrows called "Blue's Theme". Some very cool and EVIL surf-guitar licks drive it. You can put it on a mix tape with early metal tunes and it fits right in.

"Communication Breakdown" from Led Zeppelin's debut album in 1968 is another early heavy tune (old urban legend was that the thumping beat in that song created the term "head-banging"). But I have issues calling that entire album "heavy metal".

Point is, like srossi said, there were early bands and songs that had heavy elements... but I don't think you can pick them as the full-on, official, hands-down, START of Heavy Metal, as you can with Black Sabbath in 1970.