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 Posted: Tue Feb 18th, 2020 09:45 pm
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srossi wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote: The guys from Sabbath said they were influenced by Niccolo Paganini, so he started heavy metal on the violin.
Classical is without a doubt a huge influence on metal. I don’t know much about Paganini, but I believe it was Stradivarius (could be wrong, but one of them did it) used to cut into one of his strings and fix it so that when he played a particularly fast part the string would snap or pop off. Fans would think it was an accident because of his ferocious playing, but it was showmanship. He’d then re-string and go on like nothing happened. Very metal. An early guitar-smashing moment.
Paganini was supposedly the first musician to sell his soul to Satan for success. For debauchery, he made the 1973 Led Zeppelin tour of North America look like a Quaker picnic. Drugs, sex, wildly insane performances convinced many people (including his own mother) to think that Niccolo made the big deal with his Infernal Majesty.

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