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 Posted: Wed Feb 26th, 2020 03:10 am
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Butcher came into the WWF in mid-1983 and remained for 2 years until his retirement, as a total jobber that entire time. He was even jobbing to other jobbers like Steve Lombardi and Jose Luis Rivera. I remember he was put over on commentary much like Pedro Morales and Tony Garea were, but to a kid it was weird because 1) he looked old as fuck 2) he got squashed by everyone with no offense despite the accolades and 3) all of his accomplishments were outside of the WWF and had no relevance to the audience. 

Then there’s the wedding. What’s the backstory on giving a jobber this type of angle?  What was the build-up?  What was the point to any of it?  Was that his real wife?

Did Vince employ Butcher as a favor to Mad Dog?  Mad Dog was also in the WWF at the time, and winning matches, but you almost wouldn’t know it just by watching TV. He seemed to get big wins on house shows only, even teaming with Hogan in main events on occasion (obviously in MN but one or two other times as well). Although he couldn’t have meant anything to the WWF, this seemed like a clear case of just bringing him in to hurt the AWA. So was Butcher part of the deal, and where did this wedding come from?

A side question: I see in the middle of his WWF run, Mad Dog returned to the AWA for one match, in Oct. 1985 teaming with Bockwinkel to beat Zukhov and Markoff  in Winnipeg.  But he was still full-time with the WWF until Feb. 1986, when he left to finish his career back with the AWA and International Wrestling and was retired by the end of the year. How did that one match come about?

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