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 Posted: Wed Feb 26th, 2020 01:00 pm
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srossi wrote: Boz1515 wrote: I think this was the TNT wedding where Albano is totally obnoxious (when wasn't he though) and hijacks everything audible and Freddie Blassie whacks the crap out of Sky Low Low while he was going down the aisle.  No doubt this is where they got the idea for the Saturday Night's Main Event wedding with Uncle Elmer.  Vince loves weddings.

This does pre-date the Elmer wedding, which should make this the first wedding in WWF (wrestling?) history. But I have no recollection of any build to this other than the episode of TNT itself. I don’t remember Albano or Blassie, but I remember David Schultz involved somehow with the obligatory cake smash into the bride’s face. 

It certainly wasn't the first wedding in wrestling history. I've seen in-ring weddings as early as the 1940s. Everyone from midget wrestler Cowboy Bradley to Danny McShain to Gorgeous George were married as part of a wrestling card. In every combination as well. Bradley's wedding was a legit wedding, with their licence registration in the official newspaper record. That is the only one I have ever verified as 100% legit. Some weddings were "real" wedding ceremonies, not official, but with no wrestling shenanigans, and others were used to create an angle with someone usually attacking the groom. Pretty much all old-time wresting weddings that happened at cards were between legit couples.

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