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 Posted: Wed Feb 26th, 2020 04:29 pm
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Butcher Vachon first came to the WWF for TV tapings in August and September of 1977 with Captain Lou Albano as his manager. By early October he was on the road and continued to get squash wins on TV into early 1978. At house shows he was strictly a midcarder. Superstar Billy Graham was WWWF Champion at the time. Perhaps if Vachon had arrived a few months earlier or a few months later he'd have had some shots at Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund. By the time Backlund got the belt, whatever push Butcher had was ending. He became an equivalent to Baron Mikel Scicluna, winning and losing to equally placed babyfaces on the road like Dominic DeNucci and SD Jones while on TV typically lost to pushed babyfaces but was not treated as some anonymous jobber. He and Albano had a separation minus an explanatory angle around that time. He faded out in the fall of 1978. I'm not sure where he went, perhaps to Montreal.

He returned in mid 1983 and was just a jobber at that point, losing to pushed babyfaces on TV minus any protective booking and working low on the house shows. He was in his mid 40s at the time when that was a much older age compared to now as far as how people looked physically and carried themselves. He lasted into mid 1984, seemingly working part time, sticking to the Northeast shows even as the WWF expanded nationally. He made a pair of random taping appearances as a jobber in 1985, but that was pretty much the end of the line. He didn't have Mad Dog's fame, charisma, talent or sentimental value in the midwestern markets.

As far as the wedding went, it is definitely odd that they used Butcher for the angle. I have no idea why him and not someone else. All I can think is the idea was to use someone not getting pushed so that no one who counted would look the fool while also using a huge guy who had a unique look and a cool name.