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 Posted: Wed Dec 12th, 2007 04:08 am
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Here are all the Idol stuff I could find on my hard drive for Pensacola. It's not much, but it's a start. I will be making a trip back to Pensacola towards the end of the month. If I have time, I'll go to the library and get what I can't find.

9/11/79 Pensacola, FL

Canadian Lumberjack Match

Ox Baker vs Crusher Blackwell
Southeastern Title Match
Austin Idol vs Ron Fuller

The Assassins vs Jerry Stubbs & Mike Stallings

Fence Match
The Gladiator vs Herb Calvert

Plus 2 Other Matches

6/20/82 Pensacola, FL

Main Event Special Challenge Match

Robert Fuller & Mr. Las Vegas vs The New Zealand Sheepherders

Southeastern Title Match

Jos Leduc vs Jacques Rougeau

Tony Charles vs The Moondog

Wayne Ferris vs Al Perez

Don Carson vs Roy Lee Welch

8/22/82 Pensacola, FL

*MAIN EVENT* 6-Man Elimination

"The Tennessee Stud"-Bob Armstrong-Jimmy Golden vs Jos Leduc & The New Zealand Sheepherders

Alabama Title Match (By Special Sanction Of The NWA)

Austin Idol vs The Assassin #2

United States Junior Title 45-Minute Time Limit

Scott McGhee vs Ricky Gibson

Special Event
Mr. Olympia vs Wayne Ferris

Roy Welch vs Tom Stanton

Tony Charles vs Louie Tillet

9/29/82 Pensacola, FL

Spectacular 7 Man
Battle Royal
$1,000 Posted By Each
Winner Take All

Jonathan Boyd
Luke Williams
Ron Fuller
Jimmy Golden
Dennis Condrey
Randy Rose
Norvell Austin

Sleeper vs Sleeper
Bob Armstrong vs Wayne Ferris

Special Challenge
Austin Idol vs Ernie Ladd

David Schults vs Johnny Rich

Tom Jones vs The Outlaw

11/10/82 Pensacola, FL

Main Event
I Quit Match

Bob Armstrong vs Austin Idol

Southeastern Title Match

Tom Jones (Challenger) vs David Schultz (Champion)

Southeastern Tag Team Title Match

Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs The Midnight Express, Inc.

Special Challenge Match

The Mongolian Stomper mgd by Austin Idol vs Wayne Ferris

United States Junior Title Match

Roy Lee Welch (Challenger) vs Bill Ash (Champion)

1/23/83 Pensacola, FL

Main Event
Mixed 6-Man Tag
One Man From Each Team Will Wear Boxing Gloves

Jimmy Golden-Tom Jones-Mr. Olympia vs The Midnight Express, Inc.

Southeastern Heavyweight Title Match

Austin Idol (Challenger) vs Bob Armstrong (Champion)

Special Event

The Mongolian Stomper vs Mr. Russia

Texas Death Match

Robert Gibson vs Norman Fredrick Charles III

Roy Lee Welch vs Bill Ash

Bob Hall vs The Executioner

3/27/83 Pensacola, FL

Southeastern Heavyweight Title Match
Match Can Only Be Won With The Sleeper Hold

Mr. Olympia (Challenger) vs Bob Armstrong (Champion)

Return Tornado Match All 8 Men In The Ring At Once
Austin Idol-Ken Lucas-Jimmy Golden-Frank Savage
The Midnight Express, Inc. & The Mongolian Stomper

United States Junior Title Match

Tony Charles vs Bill Ash

Special Challenge

Tom Jones vs The Flame

Added Event

Frank Savage vs Dennis Condrey

5/22/83 Pensacola, FL

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match

Jimmy Golden (Challenger) vs Ric Flair (Champion)

Southeastern Heavyweight Title Match

Austin Idol vs Bob Armstrong

Southeastern Tag Team Title Match

Ken Lucas & Tommy Rogers vs The Midnight Express, Inc.

Brass Knuckles Title

Col. Buck Robley vs The Midnight Stallion

Alabama Heavyweight Title Match

By Special Dispensation Of The NWA

Eddie Hogan vs The Flame

Roy Welch vs Bill Ash

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