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 Posted: Mon Mar 9th, 2020 09:33 am
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Removed these 3 cards based on above research

3/19/1958 Lowell MA
Pat Sullivan (sub Wilbur Snyder) vs Jesse James
Alma Mills vs Mona Baker
Sonny Boy Cassidy & Farmer Pete vs Vin Garibaldi & Brother Elmer

4/23/1958 Lowell MA
Wilbur Snyder beat Rebel Bob Russell DQ
Jesse James won Battle Royal
Tony Enos beat Ivan Strogoff
Jesse James draw Pat Sullivan
Francois Marquis beat Kid Lipson

5/7/1958 Lowell MA
Jesse James draw Wilbur Snyder
Jesse James & Tony Enos draw Kirk Douglas & Ivan Strogoff
Princess Torah Tomah beat Alma Mills