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 Posted: Fri Mar 20th, 2020 02:13 pm
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Kriss wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: Ratings from Wednesday night:

AEW: 932,000

NXT: 542,000

Interesting, so AEW didn't increase any and NXT lost a couple hundred thousand. What's the WOR spin on this?

Meltzer has said over the past few weeks that the younger AEW viewership watch the news and political debates more than the older WWE/NXT fans, and also are less concerned with watching AEW live over DVR or on-demand streaming.

Dear lord. Meltzer is a straight up special needs case. I've never seen a guy try and come up with so many excuses. I get it, we all want AEW to succeed, but shouldn't the actual "journalists" be a bit more non-biased?