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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2020 11:55 am
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Franchise wrote: I wasn’t so what’s the game then? Who benefits from a complete lockdown? Is this all a calculated ploy to force manufacturing back to America? Are the reptilians behind this?
I'm not one to believe in turn-key conspiracies.  I think everyone's jumped on this for their own reasons and the ensuing clusterfuck is a result of all those disparate interests acting in concert. 
You have those in the medical profession getting their turn to visit the hallowed green rooms of the talk shows; finally getting a chance to seem just as important as your garden-variety "climate scientist".  Honestly, the WHO and the CDC are demonstrating that they are the same as any other bureaucracy -- mostly useless.  You've got the oligarchs able to prick the investment bubble and then get a multi-trillion dollar bailout from us and our progeny.  The left, as evidenced by that bailout bill, is trying to use the cover of this panic to enact every woke dream they can think of.  The media gets to broadcast doom and gloom 24/7 to a newly enlarged, housebound audience (and in doing so they make the usual allusions to Orange Man Bad).  The state governors are loving the dictatorial powers they now wield.  It's better than being President in many respects.  Big tech is almost certainly using this to hone surveillance skills.  And I'm sure I'm leaving out other cogs in the wheel. 
The question is will we learn anything from the last fortnight's meltdown?  Being America, I doubt it.  My thought is that on Independence Day everyone's making Coronavirus jokes while talking about training camps opening in a few weeks.  If we don't violently demand a reckoning, we're fucked.  Because this playbook will be trotted out again, and much sooner than we'd like.