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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2020 08:43 pm
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I have this for May 8, 1964;
West Hempstead – Tony Marino & Bruno Sammartino D Jerry & Luke Graham, Killer Kowalski D Don McClarity, Ernie Ladd W Klondike Bill, Jerry Miller W Dave Morgan, Arnold Skoaland W Matt Gilmore, Boris Malenko D Carlos Milano.
I also have the balance of May 9 Philadelphia card;Philadelphia – Hans & Max Mortier W Pedro Morales & Miguel Perez, Matt Gilmore W Frank Martinez, Dave Morgan W Frank Hickey, Jerry Miller W Humberto Mercado, Killer Kowalski D Ernie Ladd, Bruno Sammartino W-DQ Bobo Brazil.
Regarding 7-3-64 in New Haven...I have this for 7-4-64 in New Haven;New Haven – Fred Blassie D Don McClarity, Roberto Duranton W Ted Lewin, Bobo Brazil W Lou Albano, Smasher Sloan W Arnold Skoaland, Jerry & Luke Graham W Pedro Morales & Miguel Perez
I have this for 7-20-64;Philadelphia – Bruno Sammartino W Gorilla Monsoon, Bobo Brazil W-DQ Killer Kowalski, Clyde Steeves W Miguel Perez, Red Bastien W Arnold Skoaland, Jerry & Luke Graham W Hans & Max Mortier.