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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2020 10:38 pm
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I have results for the 8-19-64 Baltimore card;Baltimore – Darling Dagmar W Diamond Lil, Linda Scott W Dorothy Carter, Red Bastien W Luke Graham, Don McClarity W Clyde Steeves, Jerry Graham W Miguel Perez, Pedro Morales W Klondike Bill, Bobo Brazil & Bruno Sammartino W Killer Kowalski & Gorilla Monsoon.
Saturday, October 9, 1965
Hilo – Killer Kowalski D Luther Lindsay, Curtis Iaukea W Bobby Graham, Johnny Kostas W Pepper Martin, Ripper Collins W Lord Blears.
Monday, November 1, 1965
Hilo – The Jamaica Kid & Pancho Lopez W Fuzzy Cupid & Sky Low Low, Killer Kowalski W Bob Nandor, Luther Lindsay W The Alaskan. 
Monday, November 22, 1965
Hilo – Killer Kowalski D Wilbur Snyder, Bearcat Wright W Ripper Collins, Joe Scarpa W-DQ The Alaskan, Luther Lindsay W Harry Fujiwara.
Tuesday, November 23, 1965
Maui – The Alaskan vs. Joe Scarpa, Killer Kowalski vs. Wilbur Snyder, Ripper Collins vs. Bearcat Wright, Harry Fujiwara vs. Luther Lindsay.
Wednesday, December 1, 1965

Honolulu – Neff Maivia W-DQ Lou Newman, The Alaskan W Bob Nandor, Lord Blears & Luther Lindsay W Ripper Collins & Harry Fujiwara, Joe Scarpa W Killer Kowalski.
Tuesday, December 7, 1965
Maui – Killer Kowalski vs. Joe Scarpa, Beauregard & Ripper Collins vs. Lord Blears & Luther Lindsay, The Alaskan vs. Red Bastien.
Wednesday, December 8, 1965
Honolulu – Killer Kowalski W Red Bastien, Joe Scarpa W Gil Ane, Luther Lindsay W The Alaskan, Ripper Collins W Bob Nandor, Neff Maivia W Harry Fujiwara.
Monday, December 20, 1965
Maui – Killer Kowalski vs. Joe Scarpa, Curtis Iaukea vs. Luther Lindsay, The Alaskan vs. Karl Gotch, Lord Blears vs. Ron Reed.