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 Posted: Sat Mar 28th, 2020 01:20 pm
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Monday, July 16, 1973
Ottawa - Killer Kowalski vs. Mad Dog Vachone, Andre the Giant, Ed Carpentier & Don Leo Jonathan vs. Jerry Brown, Gilles Poisson & Dale Roberts, five more matches.
Not sure about your 7-28-73 Pittsburgh card as Bruno was in Philadelphia.
Your 8-12-73 Connellsville card is a duplicate of 4-12-73.
Monday, November 5, 1973
Ottawa - Chuck O’Connor vs. Jackie Wiecz, Nick Carter & Sweet Williams vs. Bull Gregory & Tokyo Joe, Gino Brito & Pat Ethifier vs. Jerry Brown & Dale Roberts, Don Leo Jonathan vs. Tarzan Tyler, Ed Carpentier vs. Prof. Tanaka, Killer Kowalski & Gilles Poisson vs. Butcher & Mad Dog Vachone.

Sunday, December 23, 1973
Ville-Marie, QC - Ed Carpentier & Jackie Wiecz vs. Killer Kowalski & Tarzan Tyler.

That's the end of what I can add or correct.