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 Posted: Tue Mar 31st, 2020 10:00 pm
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11/??/92 - Hamburg, PA (TV Taping)
Johnny Rotten defeated Dennis Stone
Israel Matia defeated Dark Angel
Jimmy Deo defeated Midnight Rocker
Drifters defeated The Intimidators
Mondo Kleen defeated Special K
Dr. Johnny Wildside defeated Jimmy B. Good
Steve Seyfert defeated Don D. Lux
Jimmy Snuka defeated Metal Maniac
The Drifters defeated Sioux War Party
Vinnie Biondo defeated Dark Angel
Jimmy Deo defeated Mike Lewis
Neil Superior defeated Don D. Lux
Rocky Jones defeated Dennis Stone
Johnny Rotten defeated Joe Savoldi by countout
Tommy Norton defeated Midnight Rocker
Nikolai Volkoff defeated Gravedigger
Jimmy Deo defeated Jeff Grippley
Nikolai Volkoff defeated Special K
Neil Superior defeated Mr. X
Sioux War Party defeated Dennis Stone and Don D. Lux
Gravedigger defeated Jimmy B. Good
Rocky Jones defeated LA Gore
Tommy Norton defeated Steve Kelly
Jimmy Snuka vs. Mondo Kleen ended without a winner as a no contest
Rocky Jones defeated Johnny Rotten
LA Gore defeated Midnight Rocker
Metal Maniac defeated Jimmy B. Good
Carlos Rivera defeated Steve Kelly