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 Posted: Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 08:36 pm
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Married Jo wrote: Yeah, I can't see them canceling this, they're going to list it as "postponed" just like the Stones did so Live Nation can keep the money and not have to refund it..I have $600 right now tied up in Stones and Sammy Hagar/Circle tickets..those 2 bands/acts I'm fine with letting them list it as postponed, I'll go see them even if I have to wait a year but if I had money in any other shows and they were postponed and not canceled I'd be pissed at them basically collecting interest on my money for a year..
I have close to a couple of thousand bucks held up right now by Ticketmaster/Live Nation/etc.  A few already announced new dates, some are just TBD, but there is no option to get a refund from these assholes until it's officially announced as canceled.  And if you postpone and you can't make the new date, they tell you it's your responsibility to sell your ticket.  People are getting pissed and I wouldn't be surprised if this leads to another class action lawsuit like the one Ticketmaster just finished weaseling their way out of with their fake "vouchers". 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.