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 Posted: Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 08:48 pm
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8/4/1950 Atlanta GA
Wladek Kowalski beat Tom Mahoney
Farmer Jones beat Red Roberts
Mae Young & Beverly Lehmer beat Jean Holland & Eva Lee
Art Nelson beat Eddie Gossett

8/11/1950 Atlanta GA
Wladek Kowalski beat Chief Saunooke
Farmer Jones beat Tom Mahoney
Eddie Gossett draw Bibber McCoy
Mildred Burke beat Mae Young
Art Nelson beat Tarzan White

9/15/1950 Atlanta GA
Pete Managoff vs Wladek Kowalski
Red McIntyre vs Tex Riley
Jack Hader vs Chief Little Fox
Nick Carter vs Lord Finis Hall
Lou Thesz vs Babe Zaharias

These were Karl Kowalski (Charles Menzemer). He was wrestling as Killer Karl Kowalski, and the Atlanta newspaper shortened this to Killer Kowalski in some reports. One thing that gave it away was that Wladek was already a main eventer by 1950, while Karl was wrestling in opening matches here in Georgia.

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