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10/5/88 Tampa, FL - Sportsatorium
Florida Tag Team Champions: Johnny Ace and The Terminator beat Mike Graham and Steve Keirn
Florida Champion: Dick Slater beat Brett Sawyer
The Nasty Boys DREW The Star Riders
Dustin Rhodes beat Bad Bob
Mark Starr beat Scotty the Body

10/12/88 Tampa, FL - Sportatorium
Lou Perez DREW Rex King
Brett Sawyer d. Dustin Rhodes (another result says Sawyer DREW Rhodes)
Scotty the Body d. Rex King
The Star Riders (w/Luna) d. The Nasty Boys DQ
Mike Graham, Steve Keirn and US Steel d. Johnny Ace and Terminator, and Dick Slater (elimination) (US Steel d. Johnny Ace?)

10/19/88 Tampa, FL - Sportatorium
U.S. Steel pinned Lord Humongous (Scott Hall).
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn beat Florida Tag Team Champions: Johnny Ace & The Terminator.
Dustin Rhodes drew Scotty the Body.
Brett Sawyer DDQ Jim Backlund. (No Contest due to outside interference)
The Nasty Boys beat The Star Riders.

10/26/88 Tampa, FL - Sportsatorium
U.S. Steele beat Florida Champion: Dick Slater
Nasty Boys beat Florida Tag Team Champions: The Terminator and Johnny Ace
Lord Humongous NC Lou Perez
Brett Saywer and Dustin Rhodes beat Mark Starr and Jim Backlund
Lou Perez vs. Scotty the Body was a draw