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 Posted: Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 02:01 am
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I had a very scary health scare when I blacked out while my wife tried to help me to my recliner to give me a breathing treatment. I was rushed to the ER via ambulance as I couldn't even speak, let alone walk. I was sent to the ER and it appeared that I walked into the plague as my wife was sent home. I had several tests and told that I had to be transferred to another hospital and that they were able to do a procedure that I needed ASAP. I was told that I has a massive blood clot in a blood vessel near my right ventricle and it was shutting down my heart. 

I got immediately wheeled into CCU and within 25 minutes or so, they did the hour procedure under local anesthesia. I had 2 catheter's placed into the right side of my groin that was sent towards the arteries of my heart and they vibrated the clot into smaller pieces. After everything was done, my wife was called and that if I didn't have that procedure, I would've passed away within 12 to 24 hours. I recovered quickly enough to be move to a regular room on Sunday afternoon and I was sent home yesterday afternoon with me having to take 2 shots of lovenox twice a day for at least the next 6 months.
It was very difficult for me to be in this situation and I'm not afraid to tell anyone that I had several panic attacks and if it wasn't for my wife sending over her dad's cell phone so I could facetime her anytime I needed to, I don't think I would have made it. She drove 40 minutes one way twice into bring me up stuff to help me get through this, including me depression medicine that I can't even miss for a day, let alone almost 3 days. I'm still having a difficult time with this even though I'm home and happy to see my 7 year old little buddy and to sleep in my own bed that I actually fit in and to use a shower that I fit in as well. My life has changed hopefully for the better, but it's going to take me a while for everything to physically get back to normal.

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