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 Posted: Mon Apr 27th, 2020 07:03 pm
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KGB wrote: Franchise wrote: Oil looks pretty scary especially with the worldwide glut and a worldwide partial shutdown.

I’m not an investing master but I don’t see how oil makes a rebound anytime soon unless it is artificially propped up because in reality Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc etc could just flood the market.

I wouldn't be in any rush.  I'd just like to plunk down some money and then come back to it in the future.  I'm just not sure if buying stock in one of the big producing companies is the best route or if there are other opportunities. 

dump money on bitcoin and other cyber coins and hold
With the level it is at now, it will make a quick nice buck.. if i would have gotten in and threw good money when it was 4k and the other currencies were low, i would be happy but i got in two weeks ago with little money and have made decent gains