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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2020 03:22 am
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krazykid18 wrote: Married Jo wrote: KGB wrote: Anyone got any ideas about taking advantage of the dip in the oil market?I’ve put a few grand into some oil stocks and have made money on them the last week or can really only go up.
What oil stocks?
and is it to late to get in

Well, I bought a bunch of Marthon Oil at the beginning of April at around $3.30 a share and it closed today at $4.85 a share. It's 52 week high is $17..this eventually will make me some decent money. I also bought a lot of Callon Petroleum at .46 cent a share, it's 52 week high is almost $9 and they've been around since 1950, they're not in a great financial situation right now but I think they'll be ok..on Friday it was trading at .70 cent a share, a lot of day traders with big bank accounts made a lot of money off them on Friday. I don't expect them to get back to $9 for a long time but I could see myself hitting it real lucky on this one down the road with not a lot invested into it..and even if I lose what I put in, eh, it's gambling, it's not going to kill me..

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