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 Posted: Tue May 19th, 2020 11:36 am
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And some good news.  Yesterday, a company out of the Boston area called moderna announced it had successfully carried out a stage one test for an Wuhan flu vaccine.  Eight people were given the vaccine in March and all 8 developed antibodies for the virus.  In trials on mice their vaccine "provided full protection against viral replication in the lungs."  Also, no adverse effects were observed, other than occasional redness around the injection site; no side effects were observed that didn't resolve themselves quickly.  The next step is a current test involving 600 people, and then a third stage scheduled for July with thousands of volunteers. 
I'll admit that I'm skeptical about a Corona vaccine, and news of medical "breakthroughs" are often not worth the paper they're printed on, but this does seem promising.  A true vaccine would go a long way to restoring sanity to our world.