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 Posted: Fri May 22nd, 2020 05:14 pm
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The following are already listed with only partial results. I have added the missing matches

July 10, 1976- Punta Gorda, Florida
Sonny Rogers vs. Mr. X
Jim Lancaster vs. Rick Oliver
Jack Dalton vs. John Heath

December 18, 1976- Bradenton, Florida
Buddy Roberts and Jerry Brown vs. Norvell Austin and Ray Candy
Roberto Soto vs. Bob Orton Jr.
Hiro Matsuda vs. Don Wade
Rock Hunter vs. Rick McGraw
Beau James vs. Mr. X

I think this one is new
November 6, 1976- Englewood, Florida (8:30 PM)
Lemon Bay Junior High School Gymnasium
Norvell Austin vs. Jim Dalton
Tommy Seigler beat Missouri Mauler by pin
Buddy Roberts and Jerry Brown beat Bob Backlund and Ken Lucas
Dusty Rhodes (Florida Heavyweight Champion) beat Bob Roop by pin