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 Posted: Fri May 22nd, 2020 05:27 pm
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KGB wrote: Seriously, what are the D's going to do? They can't possibly continue running this man, can they? He's been locked up at home for a couple months and he's still made a string of gaffes that would have sunk any politician who wasn't protected by the MSM. Wait till he actually has to campaign. Can he be trusted to debate Trump live?
Trump is a whiney bitch, but it's not up for debate that the MSM is protecting Biden.  This is "fake news", not outright lies but just not seriously reporting major gaffes by him as opposed to covering ever stupid thing that Trump says 24/7.  To wit, a quick Facebook search of Joe Biden's name right now reveals one "headline" article about him, and that's "Joe Biden discussed wearing masks in public, choosing a female running mate and more" from an interview he did with Stephen Colbert. There's nothing on this.  A search for Donald Trump's name shows dozens of articles about him fighting with press over not wearing a mask, which is already old news. 

Google does a little better, but not much.  The first headline article on the Biden situation is from Fox News, who of course are going to report this.  The second is from Politico (Ok that's better), and the 3rd is from The Jerusalem Post (seriously?).  And that's it.  The next article is from NBC and is only about choosing his running mate.  There's virtually nothing out there from legitimate news sources that aren't super right-wing on a major candidate making an insanely racist comment and alienating a huge segment of his supporters.  If they don't report it, they're hoping people don't notice and it goes away.  The only place this is a huge deal is Twitter, where the cancel culture left are going apeshit, and those people seem like they don't vote anyway because no one will ever be pure enough for them.

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