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 Posted: Sat May 23rd, 2020 10:24 pm
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srossi wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote: My guesses are Henderson, Brock, Cobb, Mays.

I couldn't think of a 5th guess.

Henderson was the first name I thought of, but I'm almost positive he didn't bat very close to .300.  And if he was around .300 in his prime, he hung on way too long and dipped below it the last 7 seasons or so.  I'm not looking up any stats  though so I could be wrong.

He was horrible most of the last decade of his career if I remember. Had him in fantasy baseball a few times for SB's but the rest of his stats made him an anchor.

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

Rossi=The Mouth That Bored