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 Posted: Sat May 23rd, 2020 10:43 pm
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KGB wrote: NYS quietly changed the way they recorded the deaths of nursing home residents in late April.  In short, if a person contracted the virus in a nursing home but died in the hospital, they no longer counted it as a nursing home death, thus the total number of such deaths actually dropped over the last two weeks as they reassigned those death totals.  Why?  Because in March, Governor Cuomo mandated that long-term care facilities in New York State could not refuse to admit anyone who had tested positive for the Chinese flu.  Thus, the most vulnerable population was forced to mingle with those who could spread the illness.  It was insanity then and it looks pretty close to murder now.  Once it became clear, 6 weeks later, that this had had disastrous results, the state began cooking the books to make it appear that the death count in nursing homes wasn't nearly as bad as it appeared.  Cuomo finally rescinded the order on Monday of this week; cows, barn door, and all that. 

What else did the state do?  Oh yeah, they wrote it into law that no one could sue a nursing home in the wake of a corona virus death.  Why would they do that?  Well, what's the first thing the nursing home is going to say in its defense?  "How could we have possibly prevented this death when we were forced, under penalty of King Andrew's law, to admit these infected people into the midst of your elderly, sickly parent?"

We'll see how many times CNN runs this story or how many "pundits" bring it up on the Sunday shows this weekend.

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