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 Posted: Fri May 29th, 2020 04:04 am
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BuddyPSHayes wrote: tamalie wrote: I understand and respect that viewpoint but you’re not from here and are not on the ground here. From the reaction of the general public, even people who generally deify the police and fear minorities if not actually outright hating them, the mayor, the chief of police, the DA, and governor, the chances of that cop walking are pretty much zero. He might not get convicted on the charges some will want, and might plead guilty to something else to get less time while avoiding a trial that would be a media circus, but I have rarely been more certain of anything than the belief that the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck is going to prison.
Agreed. Anyone with a working set of eyes and any common sense can see what happened.

Here's the thing.  The severity or obviousness of the crime doesn't really matter.  I've given this a lot of thought and the fact is that the police truly in their hearts don't believe in an unjustified killing, and believe that if the possibility of one is even put out into the universe that their chances of going home at night are somehow diminished.  You can't argue logic with that cultish mentality.  So the unions fight these to the last breath, and the cops get the best lawyers money can buy.  In the meantime, the prosecutors know that they're  in deep shit if they get on the wrong side of the cops because they have a parasitic relationship with each other, so they're not trying too hard and in some cases are blatantly throwing it.  This makes everything that the public is seeing and doing completely irrelevant.  It's not just finding 12 people willing to send a cop to jail, which is hard enough, it's also dealing with a systemic problem that makes sure that reality is not reality in their sheltered world.  If anyone is even willing to indict, they'll find a way to go somewhere where the jury doesn't know about this case and make sure that the video and his past record isn't allowed into evidence, and then it's over.  It's just a black guy who shoplifted in high school once which meant that he was probably a serial killer too who resisted arrest and an officer feared for his life.  And everyone else will wonder what happened.  Again.  And the prosecutors, the judge, the DAs office, and the police union will all go the bar that they always hang out in together and toast to the status quo.  The cop that did this won't be there, he's fired and no one really gives a shit about what happens to him either.  It's all about keeping the system going the way it's been going for decades.  And then the super liberal mayor and governor and whoever else is in power will go on TV and feign shock and dismay, but mostly they will preach calm and tolerance for a justice system that is flawed but works really well most of the time.  Fast forward a few years and one of those super liberal politicians will run for a higher office, and with a tear in his eye he will swear that if you elect him, what happened under his watch will never happen under his watch again. And the police union will mercilessly boo him as they donate several million dollars to his campaign. And he will win, and the story will have a happy ending, and that politician will probably call his shoe shine boy “George” in honor of this fallen hero, or maybe just because all black people look alike to him.  And that is America, one nation under God, and don't you know that Trump just tweeted about a carrier pigeon that delivered indisputable proof that Obama is half lizard?  Where are your priorities?!  Why are you not paying attention to the important stuff?!

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