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From the 5/16/89 and 5/23/89 Television shows..

5/16/89 Tampa, FL - WEDU-TV
Florida Tag Team Champions: Dustin Rhodes and Mike Graham d. Nick Busick and Rick Diamond
AWA Champion: Larry Zbyszko d. Lou Perez
Black Bart and Tony Anthony (w/Sir Oliver Humperdinck) d. The Bubble Gum Kid and Bill Price
The Nasty Boys and Steve Keirn d. Al Perez, The Terminator and Rick Diamond (sub Brady Higgins)
Jomo Kenya (w/Kareem Muhammed) d. El Cid
--highlights of 5/13/89 Sarasota, FL match between Big Steel Man and Dusty Rhodes. Randy Roberts says belt is held up, and tournament will be forthcoming.

5/20/89 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - War Memorial Auditorium (updated rest of card lineup)
Dusty Rhodes pinned The Big Steel Man (w/Sir Oliver Humperdinck). (Steel Cage)
Florida Champion: Al Perez vs Steve Keirn
Dustin Rhodes vs Black Bart (Texas Death Match)
Lou Perez vs Tony Anthony
The Nasty Boys vs Jomo Kenya and Kareem Muhammed
The Bubble Gum Kid vs The Terminator

5/23/89 Tampa, FL - WEDU-TV. 
--supposed to have been a double elimination tournament for the PWF Title
--scheduled to be in tournment: Col. DeBeers, Steve Keirn, Larry Zbyszko, Black Bart, Al Perez, The Big Steel Man, Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Knobbs, Mike Graham, Dustin Rhodes
Mike Graham d. The Gladiator
Steve Keirn d. Nick Busick
The Big Steel Man d. Rick Diamond and Brady Higgins
Dustin Rhodes pinned Al Perez to win the Florida Title
Jomo Kenya (w/Kareem Muhammed) d. Mike Awesome
The Nasty Boys vs The Southern Force (No finish, TV Time ran out)

5/25/89 Patlaka, FL

5/29/89 Sebring, FL

6/3/89 Jacksonville, FL

6/9/89 Freeport, Bahamas, YMCA
Al Perez vs Steve Keirn (Lights Out Match)

6/10/89 Nassau, Bahamas

6/14/89 Fort Lauderdale, FL - War Memorial Auditorium
Lou Perez vs Comrade Busick
The Bubble Gum Kid vs The Gladiator
The Nasty Boys vs The Southern Force (winners get a tag team title shot)
Caribbean Title Match: Tyree Pride (ch) vs Jomo Kenya
Dustin Rhodes vs Big Steel Man (w/Sir Oliver Humperdinck (PWF Title Tournament Match)

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