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 Posted: Thu Jun 25th, 2020 09:46 pm
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a few updates..

3/28/89 Tampa, FL - WEDU-TV (TV Taping)
Florida Champion: Al Perez d. Mike Awesome
The Big Steel Man d. Rick Diamond and Cliff Sheets (Dick Slater and Big Steel Man with impromptu brawl)
Mike Graham, Steve Keirn and Scott Hall d. The Terminator and The Commandos (Ray Candy and Grizzly Boone) DQ
Bobby Jaggers & Black Bart beat The Nasty Boys to win the Florida Tag Team Titles
The Italian Stallion d. El Diablo

4/3/89 Leesburg, FL
Dusty Rhodes

4/7/89 Immokalee, FL - High School Gym
Dusty Rhodes, The Big Steel Man, Al Perez, Manny Fernandez, Dick Slater and more..

4/15/89 Jacksonville, FL
Dusty Rhodes

4/19/89 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - War Memorial
PWF Title: Dusty Rhodes (ch) vs. Al Perez
Dick Slater vs The Big Steel Man (w/Sir Oliver Humperdinck) (Tape Fist)
Scott Hall and Steve Keirn vs Bobby Jaggers and Black Bart
plus 3 more..